Survival Business Card (Worldwide)

A Multi-Purpose Survival tool that can be used as a bottle/can opener, 4 position wrench, flat head screwdriver, knife edge, ruler, saw blade, wing-nut wrench, 2 position wrench, water compass, and a keychain hole.

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Strikelight (U.S & Canada)


Size adjustable, light adjustable, strike points, solid aluminum.

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15 Piece Survival kit (Worldwide)

Paracord (9ft), carabiner, scalpel, alcohol prep pad, fishing hooks, fishing floats, fishing weights, fishing line, jigs, safety pin, needle, wire, aluminum foil, ferro rod firestarter, tinder. Plus, 3 elite survival training guides.

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Super Food (U.S & CANADA)

  • Superfood every prepper should have
  •  6 year shelf life
  • Powerful detoxifiers for liver and blood support
  • Perfect for the bug-out-bag or the survival cache


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Pepper Spray (U.S)


This is the highest legal strength and packs a punch so hard your attacker will be begging you to leave them alone!

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Shovel Survival Tool (U.S)

It chops, digs, starts fires, cuts, navigates and so much more…

In fact this work of art has 15 essential tools in one tactical design.

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Survival Knife Card (Worldwidelimited)

  • Very handy
  • Size of a credit card
  • Surgical steel blade
  • You can flip to a blade in 1 second flat

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7 in 1 Survival Whistle (U.S only)

This tool includes a compass for navigation, an LED light to guide your way, a thermometer to understand your climate, a signal mirror that can be used to locate help, a magnifying glass to start a fire, and small storage area to keep medication or small valuables.

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Stinger Spy Tactical Pen (Worldwide)

Drop a 300lb
Attacker Like a Sack Of Potatoes, aluminum material. Good self defense weapon plus window breaker.


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